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Are you allowed to strike?

One of the strongest tool’s the workers have, to insure god pay and work conditions, is to stop the work, to strike! But when are we allowed to strike in Denmark?
Are you allowed to strike

When there is no collective agreement, you are always allowed to strike for better conditions, and the unions have the right to launch strikes to reach collective agreements.

When there is a collective agreement, you are not allowed to strike unless: 

  1. Wages are not paid and this is due to the employer's inability or ability to pay 
  2. Your safety and health are at risk because of work
  3. Your integrity is being violated at work
  4. The collective agreement must be renewed and the parties cannot agree on the content of the new agreement

If there is a collective agreement and the workers strike without any of the aforementioned points are fulfilled, then the labor law is likely to impose a fine on the striking workers. The size of the fine varies, but unskilled workers tend to be sentenced to 40kr per person per hour they strike.

Read more about Collective agreements here: https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/wages-and-working-hours/the-collective-agreement-in-denmark

Always contact your union, before you go on strike. https://tema.3f.dk/bjmfimmigrant/about-the-union