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How to get MitID

Denmark will change from NemID to MitID during 2021 and 2022. Which means that you will also have to change from NemID to MitID.

You can use MitID for everything that you have used NemID for example to transfer money, online banking or to log in to borger.dk and skat.dk. In this article we will help you get your MitID. If you are a member of 3F-BJMF, you can also get help from our staff.

If you do not have a CPR number or a NemID

If you do not have a CPR number or a NemID, you need to visit Citizen Service (Borgerservice) to get MitID.

At the meeting at the citizen service (borgerservice) center you need to bring valid documentation. This could be a passport, a driver license or another form of national picture ID. 

If you do not have valid documentation, you must bring a witness - a person who can testify to your identity - when you get your MitID. The witness is required to have had MitID for a minimum of 30 days. Remember to book a time for the meeting at the citizen service center prior to going.

If you have a Danish CPR number and NemID

The vast majority of NemID users receive MitID via their online or mobile bank. If you do not have a Danish bank, or you just want to do it yourself, you can get MitID via this link: https://www.mitid.dk/en-gb/get-mitid-with-nemid/

Some of those who have NemID need to be identified more securely when they need MitID because they were not identified 100% securely when they got NemID. If they do not have a Danish passport, they must visit the (Borgercenter) citizen center, and answer some questions about themselves in Denmark. The questions refer to data which is available in the Danish register.

Protect yourself from fraud

Remember that you must never give your MitID or NemID to anyone. Not to your accountant, not to your employer, not even to your trade union. If you suspect that your personal MitID has been misused, you must immediately contact MitID support, and at the same time block your MitID on MitID.dk.

Read more about MitID herre: https://www.mitid.dk/en-gb/help/?language=en-gb